Moving House With a Washing Machine

While some articles might cover moving house with a baby, moving house with no help or moving abroad, we’ve decided on moving house with a washing machine, after all, most people have got one and a lot of people wouldn’t know where to start if they had to move it. So here is exactly what to do and when!

Before the moving day (but after you’ve washed everything that needs washing!) you should disconnect your washing machine from the water supply and from the mains electricity supply, if you’re unsure how to do this you can call in a qualified plumber but be warned that some handymen and appliance repair engineers may refuse to disconnect your washing machine, dishwasher or fridge freezer on the grounds of insurance so check on the phone before they charge you a call out.

Once your washer is safely disconnected lg washer repair los angeles, find a good appliance repair engineer in your local area and ask them to secure the drum with the correct brackets. This may seem like a time consuming job and like you’re paying out even more for the privilege of moving house but trust us when we say that it’s a cheaper option than buying a new one. Protecting your washer makes sense when you think about how much they retail at and if you can find an engineer who will give you a specific timeslot (they do exist!) then you won’t even have to waste time waiting in when you could be visiting the tip or moving boxes.

A common problem when moving house is issues with the drainage once you’ve reconnected your old washer in your new house. Many people have found that despite reconnecting the washing machine in exactly the same way as it was in the old house and despite the fact that it worked perfectly well back then, that the washing machine takes the water in okay but won’t then drain it. If you’re confident at DIY then look to see whether or not the new plumbing system has a moulded end that needs cutting off, sometimes they’re made like this to prevent leakage when they’re first fitted. They also sometimes come fitted with a plug for the same reason.

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