How to Properly Search for Dryer Parts

We will briefly explain the most common dryer failures and which dryer parts are more common. Don’t let searching for your parts be a pain!

As well all know money is tight these days and you can not afford a new dryer or let alone call a service man to fix it. So the most economical way is to fix it your self. Most repairs are common as in example, replacing the heating source or belt as broke or the machine is loud kenmore dryer repair los angeles.

Usually repairing the belts, heating element or igniter is fairly simple. The most common problems in Whirlpool brand dryers are the belts and element. General Electric dryers are usually an element or the glides supporting the drum.

Now until the rest of this article I will be giving you an example of Chris trying to repair his family’s dryer. First things first:

Find your dryer make and model
Locate the model number and write it down
Ask your self simply what is the problem ( if it is not obvious)
Search for appliance troubleshooting guides
Make appropriate testings/diagnostics
Search for discount dryer parts
Chris first found that his dryer was a Roper gas dryer. Model number 110.jur54d5 and his drum was not spinning. He then searched to find out how to fix the issue and started taking apart the dryer and found his belt was shredded to pieces. The belt was so bad he could not locate the original belt number. Putting in his model number into the dryer parts list found his belt.

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